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Greythorn is a go-to resource for Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) specialists at all levels, with particular expertise in Programmers, Analysts, Analytics specialists and MIS Developers. While we supply to all areas within BI and DW we have particular expertise and significant resources in SAS, Cognos, Informatica, Teradata, Business Objects and the Microsoft BI stack.

Greythorn have just released the new Information Managment (including Big Data, Data Analytics, BI and DW) Market Report and Salary Guide 2016/17.  Download your copy to read the latest market insights or  benchmark the salary on offer for your BI and DW jobs.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of working with niche experts, using an award winning candidate care program with the ability to understand the technicalities of business intelligence and data warehousing recruitment 

Greythorn have an in-depth understanding of the challenges for businesses within BI services and take a proactive stance in assisting companies to meet their planned project outcomes. We have noted that significant offshoring of development work to India and Asia has led to an increased demand for Solution Designers who can interact with the business, while still having the technical ability to program. This is a significant challenge to businesses as people with these cross blended skills are in short supply. Greythorn have assisted multiple clients with this by finding solution designers, or in some cases putting together blended teams of personnel with complementary skills.

Our BI and DW IT specialists regularly attend user group meetings for key technologies in order to network, stay informed of industry trends and build candidate pools. Additionally our BI specialists attend industry events, e.g. quarterly Teradata, Oracle, SAP, IBM and SAS conferences.

Greythorn has assisted in providing recruitment solutions for our clients across the following technologies within Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing:

  • Business Objects
  • Cognos
  • SAS
  • TM1
  • Microstrategy
  • Datastage
  • Informatica
  • Teradata
  • Wherescape Red
  • Qlikview
  • Tableau

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