Vision and Values

Greythorn Vision

“We aspire to be a leader in technology and IT recruitment, establishing an unrivalled reputation for the quality of client and candidate care and building highly respected, premium and profitable regional businesses in chosen specialist markets.”

Greythorn Brand Values

At Greythorn, our values are very important to us. They embody who Greythorn is and what our customers can expect from us.

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  • Dedicated - 'stay ahead by staying in touch'
  • Ethical - committed to personal integrity and corporate social responsibility
  • Premium - excellence rather than volume
  • Trusted - responsible, reliable, honest
  • High Performing - ultimate results

Greythorn Internal Values

At Greythorn we also have a set of internal values which govern how our people behave, what our culture is and who we hire.

These are:

  • We thrive on excellence
  • We do what we say
  • We create fun, are passionate and proud
  • We collaborate, care and achieve together
  • We accept challenges, seek alternatives, persist and learn
  • We do the right thing

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